About Badger and Frog

Who are Badger and Frog?
Badger and Frog are an English Gentleman and a French Lady, who are giving it all up, life, work comforts, to go on adventure of a lifetime – cycling around South East Asia on a tandem bike: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, back to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

What are Badger and Frog doing?
Badger and Frog started with an organised charity tour in Thailand from Udon Thani to Chang Mai in early November 2014. They raised money to build schools and libraries for poor communities, and bikes for students to get to them. If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause please visit this website: https://www.crowdrise.com/jjandlydieonthetourofhope2014.

After their week-long tour, they will continue…until…who knows? Until the money runs out? Until the bike breaks? Until they’re tired of having too much fun? But we expect 6 months.

Why a tandem?
This is the big question that people ask us: why are you doing it on a tandem? Well – there is no perfect answer, but we think that having two bikes, riding at different speeds, can be difficult logistically. Having both people on one bike makes for a more sociable time, without one getting too far ahead of the other. Yes, a tandem can be a frustrating and difficult bike to ride – but the benefits far outweigh the costs.
And, the biggest thing, everyone smiles, laughs, exclaims, cries out, honks their horns whenever they see a tandem. Immediately you are the centre of attention and people want to talk to you, to hear your story, and find out what this strange “double bike” you are riding is! Check out this very short video for what happens in Thailand.

We hope to post to our blog about once every two weeks, we will make more frequent, shorter updates to twitter and facebook too – if you want to be notified, hit us up on the mail link below, or contact us via all the ways listed below.

Contact us

web         Facebook         old-mail           tw

Web              badgerandfrog.com
Facebook     facebook.com/badgerandfrog
Mail              badgerandfrog@gmail.com
Twitter         @badgerandfrog

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